Jarrett Frazier

Jarrett Frazier


Going Live for the First Time

Posted on February 16, 2012 at 3:35 PM

If you don't know, I am the station manager at Western Carolina University's student operated television station, TV 62. When I started with my position last fall I had one main goal for myself and the station for the entire year. I wanted to broadcast TV 62's first live production onto the campus channel. After talking with a few alumni, I discovered there had already been a few live events, with one or two cameras produced live on the channel. Nothing before was ever too complex, or complicated, just simple one camera shoots basically.

With my goal in mind, I discovered my opportunity to host such a live production after talking with TJ Eaves, the Student Government Association Student Body President. He told me he was required to give a speech to the student body at the start of his second semester. Knowing what he had to do, I immediately knew this would be the perfect opportunity to do a live production with TV 62.

Originally the whole show was just going to be TJ's speech. However, knowing how big of a moment this was for the station and SGA, I took on the role of producer and began setting up a structure to turn the speech into an entire production. I arranged to have SGA staff members meet with Ariel Rymer, our TV 62 reporter, for interviews and discussions about SGA before the speech. Then we had a quick commercial break and came back for the speech with TJ. Once the speech was finished we went back to Ariel with follow up interviews with students to see what they thought of the speech, etc.

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Overall the entire event went very smoothly with very few glitches. My position was a bit challenging as I was the producer, director, technical director, and master control all at once. Someone noticed I was having a blast half way through the production when I couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't either, It was so relieving to have all of the pre-production and planning pay off, and most of all to have completed my goal.

The previous TV 62 events that were broadcast live were maybe a 1 or 2 simple camera production. This production involved 4 cameras, with graphics, multiple audio channels, and commercial breaks. Watching the entire video in post it is easy to say you wish you had changed this or that this was different, but that is all part of the broadcast experience. When it is live, you only have one opportunity to get it right.

I cannot express how proud I am to have been a part of and to have produced this event. It will certainly go down as a highlight of my time at TV 62 and my senior year in college. I only hope this tradition is able to continue with the generations of students after me.


Jarrett F. 02/16/2012


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