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Making the Big Stage

Posted on January 24, 2012 at 2:15 AM

I started this blog with the title "Capturing the Moment," because as a photographer that makes sense. It is always a goal to capture the moment, and rarely does that moment make national headlines. Last week I had that rare opportunity that takes many others years, to achieve.

As Western Carolina University's men's basketball team beat Toccoa Falls with a final score 141 to 39, it set the NCAA record for the third largest margin of victory ever. By random, I had chosen to be a camera man for TV 62's stream of the game and try my hand at our new Sony NX5U camera. That decision would later prove to be the best I have made in a long time.

The game felt like any other game. As a cameraman, I seldom ever look at the score, or notice who is winning. Typically I find myself so focused in finding other shots of the fans, cheerleaders, or the game itself that I don't stop to notice the score. This game was no different and it wasn't until Western broke the 100 point mark early in the 2nd half when I recognized how big of a blowout it was.

As the game was approaching the end I decided to keep getting color shots, and different things to make for a solid story of the game, not knowing at the time that the game was breaking national records. So as the last shot for the stream and the last clip i recorded was the scoreboard with the basketball net in the foreground. (below)

After the game we struck down the equipment like usual and hauled it back to the TV 62 station in the Old Student Union. Once everything was back I figured I would sit down and have a look at my footage from the night since I recorded most of the game on the camera I was using.

Within an hour I received a phone call from Western's Athletic Director of Media Relations, letting me know that he had been receiving multiple emails from news outlets requesting footage from the game. It was at that moment when it hit me how big the victory was.

It was 9:30 pm when I received the phone call, Adam Krvekoski a I were given a deadline of 10:30 to have footage to ESPN. Immediately we began pulling clips, and editing together highlights. I had the upper hand because the NX5 I was shooting with records straight to a hard drive, while Adam's Sony Z1U used tapes. Plus since I was on the sideline close to the away team, I had most of the best clips featuring the best dunks and most intense shots from the game.

By 10:30 Adam and I were able to have our highlights imported, edited, exported and loaded to ESPN's ftp site with minutes to spare. Over the next few hours we sent our footage to 3 other ftp sites for CNN Sports, WXII and WSPA before I uploaded the footage to my youTube channel. It wasn't till the top ten countdown at 1:50 am that they played the highlights on ESPN. After that they showed the clips in multiple variations through the entire next day, and each station used a different variation from what we had provided. (I went with the safe bet and sent several game highlights with multiple color clips to add to the package depending on how each station wanted to showcase the game.)

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The next day was by far one of the happiest I have had in my broadcasting career. It was a rewarding feeling to see my footage on network television, and all over the internet. WCU's Public Relations office did a story on how the footage was picked up, and covered nationally. (Record-setting basketball game puts WCU in national media spotlight) It is a great feeling to have the first ever nationally covered story from Western's student television station, TV 62, but I have a strong feeling there will only be more to come in the future.

If that wasn't a perfect example of "capturing the moment," then I don't know what one is.

To see the full highlight video sent Click Here.

Jarrett F. 01/24/2012

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